Artist Statement


Xavier Solé’s artistic practice is concerned with the power of cruelty and how to make it seductive through archly naive setups. Profoundly influenced by Francisco Goya, his satirical work portrays an irrational society where the boundaries between nastiness and enjoyment are blurred. Using playful manipulations, his artworks allows the audience to engage with bittersweet wrongdoing, guilty pleasures. His body of work encompasses digital prototyping, virtual reality, web-art, tactical media, film, drawing and happenings.


Fools Feast – Video. (Winner Aspen Digital Art Award)

Sunfollowers – Virtual Reality Experience.

The Sleep of Reason Still Produces Monsters – Virtual Reality Experience.

Now that Nobody Sees Us – Video Happening.

The Gift of the Gab – Interactive Installation.

How to Make Friends – Installation.

What Goes Around Comes Around – Interactive installation.

Full Greek Breakfast – Gif Tryptic

Scanfaces – Portraits & Scanners.


La identidad colectiva de, ¿un trickster contemporáneo? – Accesos Journal for Artistic Research

Teaching Creativity and Design in Virtual Reality – Teaching Designers Alliance

Education Projects

The Statue of V – Augmented Reality and Hologram activism

The Students’ VR Studios – teaching in VR