Fools’ Feast


Aspen Digital Art Award Commission. 

Video – 4’ 21’’

Fools’ Feast presents a dream-like scene that invites the audience to be absorbed by the preposterous.

Five hippos float in a dark void; the enormous mammals move their weightless bodies gracefully, creating a mesmerising spectacle in an unidentifiable expanse of emptiness. This gentle choreography disguises the danger they pose in the wild, and in watching we are compelled to magnify or minimise the perception of risk posed by these enormous, unknowable creatures.

The work is inspired by Francisco Goya’s etching “Disparate de tontos” (Fools’ Folly) from the series “Los Disparates” (The Follies).

Aspen Digital Art Award recipient Xavier Solé Mora launches winning artwork for the Aspen Collection